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Residential Level of Care

Integrated, Comprehensive Residential Treatment

What is a Residential Treatment Center?

A residential treatment center is an in-person, therapeutic setting where patients stay overnight to receive an intensive level of care for an extended period of time to deeply immerse in trauma recovery and learn skills that set the foundation for a journey to a more well balanced and self-fulfillment. 

Why Residential treatment vs other treatment options?

The treatment of a physical malady is typically predicated on the severity of the problem. Issues of a psychiatric nature such as disorders or addictions are similar: one size does not fit all. Mild anxiety in an adolescent could be cured with outpatient therapy. Substance abuse in a college student may respond well to an intensive outpatient program, in which the person receives individual counseling and participates in groups. An eating disorder in a new mother could be effectively dealt with in a partial hospitalization program. However, when a psychiatric illness becomes very complicated or when two or more addictions or disorders are in play, a higher level of care is often indicated.

What does SunCloud Health treat at our Residential Treatment Center?

SunCloud Health specializes in treating patients who struggle with complex co-occurring eating disorders, substance use disorders, mood disorders and related trauma. Our approach is integrated and ideal for people who don’t fit nicely in to a “treatment box” at other facilities that may specialize in one diagnosis and not the entire person.

Over 60% of our patients admit with co-occurring disorders.

We don’t track people based on their “primary.”

We treat the whole person.

Our Highly Experienced Residential Care Team Is Designed Around Our Patients’ Conditions

Led by one of the nation’s most highly respected psychiatrists, Kim Dennis, MD, the multi-disciplinary care team we have created has nearly 100 years of combined experience working at the residential level of care.  Many have worked together for nearly 20 years and each brings a unique gift rooted in a deep compassion for improving the lives of the patients we treat.

Our residential treatment center features 21 residential beds for adults 18 and over in our overnight facility in Northbrook. Our treatment model is integrated and comprehensive with a laser-like focus on treating those who struggle with complex co-occurring eating disorders, substance use disorder, process addictions, mood disorders and related trauma. Residential level of care is for those who need 24/7 support.

Overview of dietary program (3 meals, 3 snacks); mix of catered and in house prepared food.

Our Residential Treatment Level of Care is Integrated, Wholistic and Comprehensive.

As such, we provide a wide range of therapeutic strategies: individual and group therapy, family therapy, process groups, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and experiential therapies such as, art, dance, yoga along with outdoor activities and local excursions. Patients receive psychiatric care and assistance from a dietician when appropriate.


Sonja Negrean, RN, BS, SCRN, the Director of Compliance and Nursing, describes the SunCloud Health difference for patients.


Affordable Residential Treatment Care

SCH is in network with most commercial payers including BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, UBH/Optum, Tricare, Magellan, BHS, Bright Health, Beacon/Value Options and others.

Note that SunCloud Health is not a destination treatment center. Our facility is safe, new, clean, spacious, warm and inviting. However, we do not have swimming pools, horses or an ocean in our backyard. For those looking for destination treatment, ours is not the place to consider. For those looking for high-quality care, we may be an option worthy of consideration.

Destination treatment trappings. Why is treatment more effective close to home?

Destination treatment centers are in large part very similar to destination weddings. They are often located in very desirable areas and offer many attractive amenities that are not necessarily connected to therapy or the treatment process. If you have ever received care at one of these centers and felt appreciably better by discharge only to return home and find yourself struggling with the same old issues, you are not alone. For many, this experience is similar to returning to Chicago in the middle of Winter from a fabulous vacation with family. Reality comes crashing down even as you are still taxing on the runway. The phone explodes with hundreds of emails that suddenly require immediate attention.

Often people are lured to destination centers simply by the thought of getting away from home and perhaps even using insurance benefits to take a type of vacation.  Certain programs capitalize on this temptation. Regrettably, what is missed in many of these critical decisions is that home, with all its stress and pressures, is still going to be there when treatment is concluded. The truth is, care that is close to home is often the best way to ensure a long-term recovery trajectory.

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Individualized Residential Treatment for Mood, Eating Disorders, Substance and Trauma/PTSD in a Confidential, Clean, Safe Environment.

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