Looking for a supportive and impactful opportunity for your adolescent to be a part of this summer? SunCloud Health is introducing Sunny Days, an 8-week trauma-informed virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that provides your child with a fun and engaging opportunity to develop a strong sense of community, emotional regulation skills, support with executive functioning, and an opportunity to explore life transitions as a teenager. A virtual program is offered in addition to our in-person adolescent treatment programs.

Registrations are limited. For questions, more information, or to enroll today, contact Kalie, our Sunny Days admissions coordinator, at (855) 956-2850 or [email protected], or fill out our form.

3 Levels of Support

SunCloud offers three levels of adolescent treatment services this summer:

  • In-Person Partial Hospitalization: 5 Days a Week
  • In-Person Intensive Outpatient Treatment: 3-5 Days a Week
  • Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program: 3-5 Days a Week for 8 Weeks, 9am to 12pm (6/17/24 to 8/9/24)*
    *Ideal for adolescents and families who need additional flexibility and who have daily summer activities outside of treatment

Join Us for Brighter Days

The SunCloud Sunny Days Adolescent Summer Program includes: 

  • Community & Connection: Self esteem, Conflict resolution, Helping others
  • Growth through Transitions: Distress Tolerance, Healthy Coping
  • Executive Functioning Support: Self-Monitoring, Time Management & Organization
  • Emotional Regulations Skills: DBT Skills, Mindfulness
  • Finding Balance: Balanced Eating, Movement, Boundary Setting

Insurance accepted. Self-pay rates are available for non-insured individuals or those whose insurance does not cover the program.  

For more information or to enroll your adolescent, contact SunCloud Health at (855) 956-2850 or [email protected]. 

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