Our Commitments to You

Our mission is to provide best in class, individualized care to persons with complex co-occurring disorders using an integrated treatment model. Our goal is to give you the best medical and clinical advice in a supportive community to help you achieve your recovery goals. You can expect the following from us:

  • Groups will begin and end on time.
  • Groups will be led by a clinical staff member who has been trained and is qualified to lead each group. All therapists are licensed to practice in the state of IL or certified addiction counselors in IL. Advance practice trainees are directly supervised by a licensed or certified clinician.
  • You will receive individualized care while at SCH.
  • At the time of admission, you will be assigned a treatment coordinator who will work with you to plan your course of treatment and make revisions with you weekly. This staff member is your primary contact while at SCH. If at any time you feel that a change would be in your best interest, we encourage you to discuss this with your treatment team.
  • You and your treatment coordinator will co-create a treatment to prioritize your treatment objectives. These plans will be reviewed continually and updated together with your treatment coordinator in weekly sessions.
  • Staff will work together to communicate as a team to provide you with a collaborative and comprehensive treatment experience.
  • SCH staff will work with your outside providers (assuming you have signed a release of information) in order to provide continuity in your care.
  • We will strive to involve family members and loved ones in your care, assuming you have signed a release of information. Significant others will be encouraged to attend the weekly multi-family group.
  • Staff will encourage discussion of group dynamics, or the interaction happening in the room in the moment. SunCloud is a group-based program and treats developmental trauma through exposures that occur in process and other groups. We will help you to identify and explore re-enactments (patterns in how you experience yourself, others and authority figures) during groups and use experiential learning to facilitate corrective, healing experiences.
  • Staff will lead psychoeducational DBT and mindfulness skills groups to support you in learning skills to cope with difficult feelings, practicing those skills to navigate painful emotions and achieve symptom reduction and improve your day-to-day living experience.
  • When appropriate, clinical staff will encourage exploration of deeper issues associated with the onset and maintenance of your individual struggles.
  • Staff will make every effort to inform you at least a week in advance of any upcoming staff or group leader changes. We understand consistency is a crucial component of establishing safety and healing trauma.
  • If at any time we believe the level or type of support we can provide at SCH is inadequate for your clinical condition, we will work with you to make a medically sound recommendation and support you in accessing the level/type of care your condition warrants.
  • We will work with you in advance of discharge to create a discharge plan to support your transition to outpatient care. We would like you to begin seeing your outpatient team once you step down from IOP 5days to IOP 3 days. For planned discharges, your treatment coordinator will speak with your identified outpatient team prior to your discharge from IOP.
  • During your treatment in PHP/IOP your team will work with you to provide medical monitoring including a schedule for obtaining weights, vital signs, and random toxicology screens as needed.


Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS, MD, Medical Director, CEO and Co-founder at SunCloud Health explains why SunCloud Health has created a sacred healing space which requires some commitments.