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Do you have questions about SunCloud Health and if we’re the right program for yourself or your loved one? Read some of our commonly asked questions below to learn more about us. Or see our video FAQ page to see this in video format.

Who do you treat?
SunCloud Health is a private outpatient center created especially for adults and adolescents who are struggling with addiction, eating disorders, mood disorders, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We specialize in working with those facing more than one issue at a time (also known as co-occurring disorders).

Substance Use
Prescription Drugs
Food Addiction

Process Addiction
Compulsive Shopping
Work Addiction
Exercise Addiction
Sex & Relationships

Mood Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder

Eating Disorders
Anorexia Nervosa
Binge Eating
Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)
Body Dysmorphia
Compulsive Overeating

Trauma & PTSD
Emotional Abuse & Neglect
Domestic Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Physical Abuse
Abandonment Trauma

Does treatment work?

What We All Know

PROPER TREATMENT WORKS, AND IT’S “WORTH IT”: The case for duly treating mental health as vigorously as we treat “medical” health could not be any more substantiated. Proper treatment saves lives and it can save billions in healthcare dollars. Researchers have noted that, “the vast majority of individuals with mental illness who receive appropriate treatment improve….. For major depression, panic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder rates (of improvement) are about 70%. This is comparable to rates of improvement for people who suffer from physical disorders, including diabetes and asthma at 70-80%, cardiovascular disease from 60-70% and heart disease at 41-52%.  The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that every dollar invested in addiction treatment programs yields a return of between $4 and 7$ in reduced drug related crime, criminal justice costs and theft.  When savings related to healthcare are included, total savings can exceed costs by a ratio of 12 to 1!  The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that every dollar invested in addiction treatment programs yields a return of between $4 and 7$ in reduced drug related crime, criminal justice costs and theft.  When savings related to healthcare are included, total savings can exceed costs by a ratio of 12 to 1! (13). The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that for every $100,000 invested in treatment for substance use (measured in California, New York and Washington), there are savings of $484,000 in health care costs and $700,000 of crime costs were shown to be avoided.  (14)  In a comparison of medical expenses of Medicaid clients who received treatment, the following savings were noted (measured in Washington):  $170.00/month for patients receiving inpatient; $215/month for those in outpatient treatment, and $230/month for those receiving medication assisted therapy (specifically methadone).  In California treated patients have been shown to reduce ER visits by 39%, hospital stays by 35% and total medical costs by 26% (14). By working together to provide integrated care, we will be better able to provide our patients with the care they deserve and we will help them save total healthcare dollars in the process.


Chris Stewart, MD. Board Certified Psychiatrist answers, does addiction treatment work?

If I have just one diagnosis, can I still receive care at SunCloud?
Yes. The SunCloud team can provide effective, integrated care if you have been diagnosed with a single issue such as addiction or major depression. We also know that many people who come to us with one diagnosis may in fact be struggling with several issues at once. For example, trauma may be the root cause of an eating disorder or drug and alcohol abuse. Our in-depth experience helps us see the bigger picture so we can create a highly effective plan for you.
How will I know if SunCloud is the right place for me?
We invite you to come and meet face-to-face with our experienced therapists. This will give you a deeper sense of how the SunCloud staff can work to create an integrated plan for your unique needs. Our first concern is your well-being, and we understand that no single facility or program is right for everyone. We are proud to have excellent relationships with other treatment centers in the Chicago area and around the country, and if we believe you will be better served in another location or program, we will help you connect with these options.
How do you treat addiction?
If you are struggling with addiction right now, we know that every part of your life is affected – and your difficulties don’t stem from just one cause. Addiction has biological roots, meaning that some people inherit the tendency to become dependent on substances or to engage in addictive behaviors. But there are other factors, too, such as your life experiences, your environment and your relationships with others. We look at the whole picture in order to make the clearest possible diagnosis and create a plan that not only helps you recover, but empowers you to design your own strategy for lifelong wellness.
Why is abstinence an important aspect of treatment at SCH?

At SunCloud Health, we treat those with addictions and disorders simultaneously. We do not classify one group as eating disordered and another as substance addicted; clients are never labeled by a diagnosis. Instead of identifying by their disease, we want people to identify as human beings who deserve to live a balanced, healthy life. As such, we view every single client as a distinct individual, a unique human being.

While in our care, we strongly encourage everyone to abstain from drugs or alcohol. This includes those with eating disorders, mood disorders, process addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS, MD, Medical Director, CEO and Co-founder at SunCloud Health, answers the question, why do we ask our patients to be abstinent when at SunCloud Health?

Our stance on abstinence often leads to a question such as this: “Why must I forgo cannabis at night when I am only in treatment for a gambling addiction?”

As with all program components, our commitment to abstinence is well thought out and very intentional due to the following reasons:

  1. Diagnostic Implications

Pharmaceuticals are frequently instrumental in the treatment process. In order to determine the value of any medication, we must start with a clean slate, one that is not tainted by other substances.  Say a person is prescribed medication to counteract depression, then consumes wine every evening. Because alcohol is a known depressant, it is nearly impossible to get an accurate read on the pharmaceutical’s efficacy. 

  1. Community Commitment

SunCloud offers a level playing field. No addiction or disorder is more important than another. Everyone is on the same team in the quest for recovery. A cohesive group is a powerful group. One of our uniting principles is that no one self-medicates in order to mitigate unpleasant feelings and emotions. Everyone presents as their authentic self, ready to relate to one another in truth and honesty. This is how healing begins.

  1. Emotional Access

Psychiatric illness manifests in myriad ways. However, each disease typically contains one shared commonality: underlying trauma. Whether emotional, physical, or sexual, a traumatic event or lifetime of trauma often fuels the disease. By definition trauma is associated with pain. In order to effectively address, work through and move beyond the pain, each person must be absolutely available to go deep inside and explore the trauma. This simply cannot happen if a person is impaired or disconnected by drugs or alcohol. The truth is, access to feelings is imperative for true recovery.

Will you work with my current doctor or therapist?
Yes. Our goal is to be part of an integrated team where all doctors and therapists are in touch with one another, working to help you heal. At SunCloud we believe in honesty, transparency and collaboration as the model for assuring that you get the best possible care.
How long can I expect to be at SunCloud?
The timeline for your treatment will be as individual as you are. You may begin with us and stay with us as your primary care resource for life. Or you may come to SunCloud at a crucial point in your recovery, later returning to your main therapist for ongoing care. We may even be an intermediate resource for you as you step down from a higher level of care. Every path is different — and at each step, we will aim to offer the continuous support you need to move forward.
What exactly is “integrated treatment” and how will it help me?
This simply means that in caring for you, we acknowledge that your body and your mind are part of one system. Mental health and physical health go hand in hand. Your overall health is also affected by your environment, including the relationships you have with family and friends. We will address not only the symptoms of your disorder, but also the underlying causes, working with your total care team to treat you as a whole person. Our goal will be to help you rebuild your health and embrace a program for lifelong wellness.
Do you take insurance?
Effective now.
SCH is accepting most forms of ComPsych coverage.
SCH is accepting most forms of TRICARE insurance.
SCH is accepting most forms of Humana insurance.
SCH is accepting most forms of Aetna insurance.
SCH is accepting most forms of United Healthcare Optum insurance.
SCH is accepting most forms of Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.
SCH is accepting most forms of Magellan Healthcare insurance.
SCH is accepting most forms of Cigna insurance.
SCH is accepting Beacon/Value Options insurance.

Please contact us regardless of your insurance.  We can and will work with you to help you verify your benefits with your insurance provider and help maximize your benefits.

I am caring for someone who has an addiction issue. How can you help me?
We understand that you are carrying a heavy burden right now. Addiction can have devastating effects on patients, families and caregivers. If you are worried about someone you love and don’t know how to approach them, call us for suggestions that can help in your specific situation. Once your loved one is in treatment, we will introduce ways that you and your family can play a role in the healing process. You may find that you need just as much support as the person you’re caring for. We will help you get that support and ensure it is aligned with your unique circumstances.
I’ve read that you are also working as an advocate for those facing mental health issues. What does this mean for me?
Providing superior, individualized care for you is our number one goal. We are also committed to being part of the solution when it comes to healing our nation’s health care system. We believe that the conversation between providers like ourselves and those who pay for care should not focus solely on cost. Did you know that patients who receive effective care for issues such as major depression, panic disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorders recover at equal or better rates as those treated for diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular and heart disease? We want to see mental health given the same priority as these important health conditions. Studies show that effective treatment actually reduces the total costs to society and our health care system. SunCloud seeks to be an active and positive player in the conversation about how to make mental health care more affordable and accessible for all who need it.

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