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Why Your Mental Health Comes First?

Healing yourself first matters most.

Hierarchy of Needs

In 1943 psychology professor Abraham Maslow debuted his newly minted Hierarchy of Needs to the behavioral health community. His theory posited that human growth and development is predicated on certain orderly stages that must occur in a specific sequence. For example, an individual must have food, shelter and safety in order to pursue higher goals such as education and self-actualization.

Putting First Things First with Your Mental Health

At SunCloud Health, we feel similarly regarding the necessity to get treatment early in the course of a mental disease or disorder. Our stance is predicated on two critical components. One, nothing is more important than a person’s health. Just ask a man who has permanently lost teeth due to a substance addiction, or a woman who had to sacrifice a length of her intestine because of an eating disorder. Most would give anything to have their bodies returned to wholeness.

Second, when an addiction or disorder is onboard, most aspects of life are compromised. An employee can go to the office all week, but will the work product be excellent, even satisfactory? A mother can “show up” each day, but is she fully present, nurturing and encouraging her children as they deserve? Clearly, the answer to both scenarios is no. People desperately want to believe that a job, an education, even parenthood, has such immediate value. But the truth is, these things can be placed on the back burner, even parenting, particularly when a surrogate could provide better care. What can’t wait is getting help.

Speaking from Experience

Kim Dennis, MD, medical director at SunCloud, is an ideal example of what we espouse. While in medical school, she struggled with an insidious eating disorder and addiction to alcohol. Like the rest of those pursuing the advanced degree, she possessed an incredible drive as well as a nearly zealous desire to succeed. Dr. Kim wanted above all to prove herself worthy of wearing the white coat. And yet, she elected to step away from the relentless stress and pressure of school for one year to reestablish her health. Even then, she recognized the extraordinary import of a clear mind, emotional stability and a clean, healthy body. To this day, she knows it was one of the best life decisions she ever made.


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Prioritizing Your Mental Health Will Lead to Positive Outcomes

Too many people use school as an excuse to avoid treatment. Is taking off one or two semesters so enormous, especially where current and future health is concerned? Colleges and universities will still be awarding degrees once recovery is achieved.

Many working people deny themselves the care they need, clinging to the archaic notion that entering treatment is shameful and stigmatizing. We know the landscape regarding mental health is changing. Most employers now recognize and respect that treatment for an addiction or disorder is no less important than treatment for cancer.

Mental Health Care Help & Resources

We strongly encourage potential clients to look into the Family and Medical Leave act (FMLA). This legislation is designed to provide workers with job-protected leave and ongoing group health benefits during their absence. Importantly, FMLA extends to issues of mental health.

For those who cannot work due to illness, disability insurance may be a viable option. Benefits, through the social security administration, can be either short or long term. We have had many clients who took advantage of this service.

Recovery from an addiction or disorder is possible, but steps must be taken sooner rather than later.


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