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SunCloud Health Patient Satisfaction Survey

At SunCloud Health we know that providing every patient with an opportunity to have a voice in their care builds an important and critical dialogue between us and our patients.

Building such a dialogue is key to establishing trust, which is a requirement when treating illnesses such as as trauma, substance use disorders, eating disorders and mood disorders.

Ensuring that our patients feel safe, that they feel included in their treatment goals and that they feel as though they are meeting their treatment goals is critical to long-term health outcomes.

One way we measure this information is through weekly satisfaction surveys which are provided to our patients while they are receiving treatment.

With this information our team is then able to drive targeted improvement strategies by monitoring these responses in real time and making clinical and operational changes when appropriate.

Feedback from our patients is powerful. Transparency with this feedback both within our organization and for the public is equally as powerful.

When we all know how we are doing, what we do well and what we may not do as well, we can all make informed and better decisions.

The chart below is a summary of the SCH Patient Satisfaction Survey. We post this on our website with updated results on a regular basis.

We know this data helps us, and we hope it helps you.

-David Newton
SunCloud Health, Director of Operations

Patient Satisfaction Survey Results

Disclaimer: This is aggregated data, represents averages and was collected from self-report measurements for patients who received care at SunCloud and who completed surveys. These outcomes should not be used to compare against similar measurements from other facilities. They are not risk adjusted. SunCloud cannot guarantee any outcomes. Every case is truly unique.

Patient Satisfaction Survey June 2023

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Patient Outcomes Graph - June 2023

Patient Satisfaction Survey November 2022

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Patient Outcomes Graph - November 2022

Patient Satisfaction Survey 2017-2021 (11-18-21)

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Patient Satisfaction Survey 2017-2021 - over 2450 Participants

Patient Satisfaction Survey 2017-2020 (7-14-20)

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2020-06 Vertical Chart JPEG V2


Patient Satisfaction Survey 2017-2019 (12-6-2019)

Patient Satisfaction Survey 2017-2019 (8-7-19)

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Patient Satisfaction Survey 2017-2019 (4-1-2019)

Patient Satisfaction Survey 2017-2019 (1-29-19)

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Preliminary Study

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