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We offer an integrated and holistic care model that is evidence-based and designed to maximize the value we can create for our patients and their families. Recognizing that eating disorders, addiction, mood disorders and trauma related disorders are associated with a tremendous amount of human suffering, disability, and premature mortality, we are committed to helping our patients achieve greater states of health.

Lead by one of the nation’s most prominent clinicians, Kimberly Dennis, MD, and her team of hand-picked clinicians, SunCloud utilizes a unique care delivery model that addresses co-occurring disorders simultaneously. Persons who seek treatment at SunCloud receive a type of care that addresses their individual needs in the least restrictive setting at an affordable cost.


Kimberly Dennis, MD, CEDS, on the importance of individualized care.


We are dedicated to challenging the business-as-usual mental health system by aligning the incentives of all of us who are committed to improving the lives of our patients with complex co-occurring disorders and focusing on the long term value we can create – first and foremost, by creating a unified treatment experience for our patients and their families.

As an organization we are actively striving to improve access to care and health equity for marginalized populations.

We understand that treating co-occurring illnesses in parallel tracks rather than with a unified, integrated program ultimately leads to the delivery sub-optimal care for people with complex co-occurring disorders, especially persons with both addiction and eating disorders. Parallel or serial treatment of patients with complex illness is associated with a fragmented experience for the patient, increased risk of morbidity and mortality, and increased health care time and cost inefficiencies.  Our integrated model is designed to treat the whole person, to target underlying biological, psychological, social and spiritual causes of problematic symptoms for each individual patient taking a dimensional rather than categorical approach to care. We know that even within the same DSM V diagnosis, our patients have a tremendous amount of heterogeneity and do not always have the same disease despite having the same DSM V diagnosis. We seek to identify and treat the person’s disease rather than their DSM V diagnosis. We believe that mental illness, addiction and eating disorders are brain diseases, which impact a person’s thinking, acting and feeling organ; that no one asks to have a brain disease; and that good treatment prolongs life, increases quality of life, and improves overall health.

SunCloud seeks to ensure all decisions and care plans are aligned with our core values of first in class quality of care, integration of care, transparency, cooperation and teamwork. Other core values include commitment to doing the next right thing, even in the face of fear, self-reflection, balance and perspective, community, dedication to lifelong growth and genuine humility. The SunCloud team believes in being held accountable for the treatment that we provide, and we hold our patients accountable to the steps they commit to taking in their sustainable recovery journey.Each of our therapists have personal recovery experience themselves. We know that freedom from these diseases is the ultimate goal, and although achievable, we know this is often the most difficult process that any of our patients have ever faced. We know that the road to freedom is usually nonlinear, that freedom comes at cost, requiring an investment of time and a willingness to accept support. Our goal is to help our patients break free from the thoughts, obsessions and self-destructive behaviors that they have learned to use over time to cope with life’s challenges.

Our Priority is to Provide the Best Possible Outcome for Anyone Seeking Our Services

Hear from a former client where we weren’t the best solution for their issue, and found a provider better suited to fit their needs. 

I really appreciate my interactions with this treatment center. I spoke with Melissa and did a 90 minute intake. She called me on a Saturday morning and took her time to let me know that I would be better served by a different, inpatient provider. My experience with other treatment centers is that they might try to treat you anyway, even if they are not the best provider. 

I spent time in the hospital and after I was released, I was referred to a different treatment facility. They told me right away that I needed a higher level of care but kept me for almost 4 weeks.

I again consulted with Melissa and she said the same thing. They were not the right choice for my presenting problem. She referred me to two place and I went to one of these too.

This treatment center has the highest ethics. 

Thank you Melissa and SunCloud for making a big difference in my life!


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DASA License. Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse.
Joint Commission Behavioral Health Care Accreditation.
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The Joint Commission signifies that all people always experience the safest, highest quality, best-value health care across all settings with a devotion to patient safety. The Gold Seal, is a symbol to the community and patients we serve that SunCloud Health has placed an emphasis on quality of care.

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