Amid Coronavirus Anxiety, Some Find Therapy Via Telehealth Is Not Covered By Insurance

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A CBS News poll found 45 percent of Americans say the coronavirus pandemic is affecting their mental health. Shelby Kosanovich (SCH patient) talks with CBS news. Experts say to grab a computer and talk to a counselor virtually – but CBS 2’s Lauren Victory found some insurance plans will make you pay out of pocket for it.

Taking in a deep breath of fresh air is one of the ways Shelby Kosanovich keeps her cool these days. “Going for like short walks,” Kosanovich said. Comedic performances or downtown adventures are not an option with COVID-19 lurking. And for someone with a history like Kosanovich of, as she put it, “just feeling extremely depressed and very anxious,” it’s especially hard not to shut down when everything else is.

Fortunately, Kosanovich’s treatment provider, SunCloud Health, is offering group therapy via telemedicine – live and online. “It’s been really awesome just to have that support, especially since we’re all quarantined and I’m isolating,” she said. But there was a catch. Her telehealth visits were not covered by her insurance. “I feel like immediately, my heart just sank,” Kosanovich said. “I didn’t know that something like telehealth. especially when there really isn’t any other option wouldn’t be covered.”

“This has actually been a national problem,” said clinical psychologist Dr. Jodie Goldberg Singer. “It’s kind of a long room.”

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