2023 Media Coverage for SunCloud Health

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2023 has been a busy year for SunCloud Health, in terms of exposure and interviews with the media. Topics have ranged from Dr. Dennis providing her thoughts on the AAP’s guideline updates for the treatment of obesity in children, to the risks of diabetes medications being used for weight loss. 

We’ll update this list throughout the year to show highlight this information.

March 21stWhen Does Binge Eating Become Binge-Eating Disorder? – Dr. Dennis is interviewed by Wondermind as an expert on binge eating disorder.

March 7th – Scripps News runs Eating disorder specialists ‘horrified’ by child obesity guidelines, featuring Dr. Kim.

March 6th – ABC News published an article titled Eating disorder experts are worried about diabetes drugs like Ozempic being used for weight losswhere Dr. Kim is featured as an expert.

March 6th – Morningstar published a story in which a quote from Dr. Dennis was used, titled Diabetes and obesity rates are rising among young adults in the U.S., new study finds.

March 3rd – Dr. Kim is interviewed by MSNBC for an article titled Why women are twice as likely than men to develop an eating disorder.

February 22nd – Dr. Kim is interviewed in an NPR piece titled New childhood obesity guidance raises worries over the risk of eating disorders.

January 23rd – In the article posted by U.S. News & World Report, Why Midlife Can Bring Risk of New Eating Disorders, Dr. Kim is quoted.

Jan 17thNew guidelines to treat childhood obesity suggest more drastic interventions, from PBS NewsHour, discussing the controversial new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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