The Effects of Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence on Children of Addicted Parents

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We are grateful to be partnering and collaborating with people such as Jerry Moe from Betty Ford Center and esteemed organizations such as Timberline Knolls and Positive Sobriety Institute Good medical care requires solid alignment between payer, patient and provider.  It also requires teamwork and collaboration between providers.  When we come together to create an integrated and comprehensive care team around our patient’s needs and conditions, we achieve the best possible long term outcomes for our patients and their families.

Join Dr. Kim and David Newton, MBA as they sit on a panel lead by Jerry Moe, National Director of the Children’s Center at Betty Ford Center to discuss the incredibly important topic of “The Effects of Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence on Children of Addicted Parents”.  Children of addicted parents face a unique set of hardships which can start even before they are born and often last their whole lives. In addition to having a higher risk of developing teen drug and alcohol addiction themselves, the child’s normal development is interrupted. This puts children of addicted parents at higher risk for physical, emotional, and mental health problems.  Please join us as we work to educate legal and healthcare professionals on how best to support these children.

Friday October 19, 2018 at DePaul University.  Click here for the invitation.

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