Call to apply an outcomes and value-based approach to mental health

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In a recent article “Call to apply an outcomes and value-based approach to mental health“, published by – Author Gary Finnegan explores the push to develop standards and enable mental health to join the value-based healthcare revolution; sighting SunCloud Health as an example of this movement and David Newton as a thought leader on the subject.

The time is now right for the value-based approach to healthcare pioneered by Harvard economist Michael Porter to be applied to mental health. Services should be integrated into a holistic healthcare model focusing on outcomes that matter to patients, says David Newton, co-founder of SunCloud Health, a mental health clinic modelled on Porter’s approach.

Value-based healthcare is reshaping hospital care and improving surgical outcomes but has been slow to catch on in psychiatry.

Measuring outcomes that matter to patients is at the heart of the value-based approach which has been dubbed the Strategy That Will Fix Health Care by its supporters. Newton, who studied under Porter, is calling for the silos between mental and physical wellbeing to be broken down.

Payers, he says, should reward clinics that can demonstrate overall improvements in measurable patient outcomes, while providers should measure and share patient data in a uniform way.


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