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Struggling with Sexual Abuse? Stop Being a Victim – Sexual Abuse Help and Counseling

Sexual abuse is not your fault – whether it is unwanted touching, contact or verbal sexual harassment, it is harmful to your self-esteem and well being. Don’t be a sexual abuse victim – learn to cope and overcome the traumatic effects of sexual abuse and get treatment. Each Patient is a Unique Case – feel heard and understood at Sun Cloud Health’s Sexual Abuse Treatment Program.

Sun Cloud Health offers compassionate, effective help and treatment for survivors of sexual abuse.

If you or someone you love has experienced the unspeakable trauma of rape, sexual assault or long-term sexual abuse, you may wonder if life will ever be the same again. Don’t struggle alone – get help today for sexual abuse.


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What is Sexual Abuse? Sexual Abuse definitions

You may be wondering if sexual abuse can happen if you didn’t actually have sex, meaning full body penetration in the act we call sexual intercourse.

Keep in mind that ANY unwanted touching, contact or conversation of a sexual nature can be considered abusive. Whatever form it takes, this abuse can be harmful to you on a physical and emotional level. It is important not to dismiss your experiences because you’re worried that someone else may not agree they were abusive. If it hurts, you need help getting over it.

Also, keep in mind that the gender of the abuser and his or her sexual orientation do not change what happened. You may be a heterosexual male or female, yet suffer abuse at the hands of someone of your same gender.


Don’t suffer in silence. Get help now.

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