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Christian Program

Optional and available on your treatment plan by request

SunCloud Health offers all levels of Outpatient Treatment to people of all faiths.

We are true Omnists, which by definition means, “the recognition and respect of all religions or lack thereof”.  For many, spirituality in some form or fashion plays an integral role in long term recovery.

A Unique Program forSpiritual Support in Recovery

For those who are looking specifically for Christian spiritual support in their recovery, SunCloud offers a unique program called the Eleanor Program.

This is a selective and additional track embedded within our standard programming and is available to add to a treatment plan by request specifically at our Naperville location.

What happens when People of Christian Faith Struggle?

For many, a season of doubt, fear and questioning ensues. This is especially true for those who suffer from an addiction or an eating disorder, a mental health diagnosis or trauma. In that suffering, people often lose a sense of connection with God. Doubts and fears can be overwhelming.

At SunCloud Health we understand the spiritual impact that these difficulties create. Christian patients are, therefore, welcome to participate in specialized groups and Christian therapy focused on addressing some of those difficult questions and to help them reconnect to God in their recovery.

To begin with, patients will have the opportunity to work with a therapist trained in Christian interventions and integrating other evidence-based treatments to provide a holistic experience. Working with a Christian therapist offers patients space to address spiritual concerns and to assist in helping them grow spiritually throughout the recovery process.

SunCloud also offers Christian focused groups to help patients learn, experience and process with others. The “Discovery” Group focuses on biblical education around a variety of topics related to healing and recovery. We discuss such concepts as personal value, forgiveness, grace and love.

The “Encounter” Group takes these same themes and provides experiential activities in which patients participate through art, movement, music and other expressive means.

The “Connect” Group is a process group that offers a safe space to explore faith issues as well as find support and connection with others.

We are committed to this integrative approach and gratefully offer support to our patients who identify with Christianity as well as others who might want to explore some of these faith issues. Connection with a loving God Who understands our pain and suffering can be healing.

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