Welcome to SunCloud Health

One of the nation’s most trusted names in treating complex co-occurring disorders, substance use disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and related trauma. Ours is personalized medicine using a transdiagnostic, integrated care model. 

“Supporting your desire to live free as you embark on a lifelong journey of greater health”.
― SunCloud Health

We are unique. Unlike many providers that say they can treat co-occurring disorders, substance use, eating disorders, mood disorders, and related traumas, at SunCloud Health, we actually do. We don’t toss around buzzwords. We are recognized locally and nationally for treating you, the whole person, that’s what we do best. Our staff is cross-trained in treating eating disorders, substance use disorders, and mood disorders in a center that addresses the impact of traumatic life experiences on all of them.  

“At SunCloud Health, we understand that co-occurring disorder means multiple primary illnesses at the same time in any one person. A person with multiple primary illnesses deserves to have each of them fully addressed using a coherent treatment model, and ideally one that constantly has an eye on the role of unresolved trauma in perpetuating addiction, eating disorders and mood disorders. This is the work we do at SunCloud Health. While it would be much easier to focus on one “primary” illness, the single disease focus approach has not worked well for our patient population. We are here to serve individuals with complex co-occurring disorders. And we do so in a way that sets them up to achieve sustainable recovery and fuller living experience.”

~ Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS

How is SunCloud Different from other providers?

Hear from Dr. Kim Dennis, CEO and Chief Medical Officer, on what makes SunCloud Health different from other treatment centers.

Dr. Kim’s Unique Leadership Skills

Eleanor Annan, MD describes Dr Kim’s unique leadership skills and the effect she has on SunCloud Health.

Who is SunCloud Health?

Dr. Kim explains SunCloud Health’s approach to treatment for our patients.