All of Me: A Documentary Film on Eating Disorders

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The screening of “All of Me’ was a great success, SunCloud Health was honored to be in attendance.

Dr. Kim discussed the challenges of ED and the compounding emotional factors that present challenges in diagnosis and treatment, in a post screening panel discussion.

More on the film and where to watch it.

The documentary, directed by Vermont filmmaker Bess O’Brien, focuses on the lives of women, girls and boys who are caught in the downward spiral of eating disorders and their struggle to regain a sense of self-compassion and healing. The film also centers on the parents coping with their children around this devastating disease. The movie gives hope to those suffering from eating disorders and illustrates how people can recover and reclaim their bodies, their emotional connection with themselves and others.

In addition, All of Me talks about the underlying emotional issues that eating disorders stem from including depression, anxiety, trauma, sensitivity, control, perfectionism, and other mental health concerns.

“I was delighted to participate on such a distinguished panel,” said Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS, co-founder and medical director at SunCloud Health. “Eating disorders are some of the most common illnesses that lead to devastating morbidity, and even mortality, for people with the disease and their families, and yet, are infrequently addressed head on and most often misunderstood by professionals and lay people alike. Films like All of Me are an important part of the solution–showing the illness for what it is, decreasing the shame that keeps people from seeking expert help, and ultimately saving lives.”

To watch a trailer of the film go to:

SunCloud Health offers eating disorder treatment, and teen eating disorder treatment programs. 

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