Dr. Kim to Co-Chair Substance Related & Addictive Disorders

Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS is excited to share the news that she will be co-chairing the Substance Related and Addictive Disorders Special Interest Group along with David Wiss, PhD, RDN.

We hope you will join this upcoming webinar featuring Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS and moderated by David Wiss, PhD, RDN, on Friday, May 13, 2022, 12 p.m. EDT.

Eating Disorder Clinical Case Conference: unique considerations in the care of patients with eating disorder and co-occurring substance use disorder

Hosted by the Substance SIG

Co-chairs: Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS and David Wiss, PhD, RDN
Friday, May 13, 2022 | 12 p.m. EDT

Presenters: Colleen Kestel, RDN, and Rachel Goodwin, LCPC, CADC
Moderators: David Wiss, PhD, RDN, and Jillian Lampert, PhD, RD, FAED

Despite research showing up to 50% of patients with eating disorders misuse substances, and those with co-occurring SUD have worse outcomes and higher mortality risk, this patient population continues to be under-researched, poorly understood and underserved in both addiction and eating disorder clinical settings.

This webinar will feature two presenters practicing  a  unique care delivery model which fully integrates eating disorder and substance use disorder care for patients with  co-occurring illness. Two clinical cases will be presented with discussion and Q&A facilitated by Drs. Wiss and Lampert including diagnostic considerations, nutritional care, medical comorbidity and peer community support for this patient population.

Zoom link for this presentation has been posted to the AED Substance and Addictive Disorders SIG community, click here.

Please contact the Substance SIG co-chair Kim Dennis, MD, CEDS, at drkim@suncloudhealth.com with questions.

The is Substance Related and Addictive Disorders Special Interest Group a multidisciplinary network of academics and clinicians with interest and expertise in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and substance use disorders. 


  • Promote research and practice in the prevention and treatment of Substance Use and Eating Disorders
  • Reduce barriers to treatment for the ED patient with co-occurring addictive disorders
  • Promote utilization of evidence-based treatments
  • Disseminate new findings related to treatment of EDs and SUDs
  • Dialogue with professionals and agencies on EDs/SUDs
  • Promote resource sharing among international professionals
  • Increase EDs/SUDs content at the ICED conference
  • Foster research collaboration among members

Click here for more details on the community.

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