Residential Level of Care

Opening Summer 2021 SunCloud Health will be opening 21 residential beds for adults 18 and over at our new overnight facility in Northbrook. Our model will be the exact same, integrated, and comprehensive with a laser like focus on treating those who struggle with complex co-occurring eating disorders, substance use disorder, process addictions, mood disorders and related trauma. Residential level of care is for those who need 24/7 support. Patients enter residential treatment voluntarily and generally step up from IOP or PHP or down from in patient hospitalization.  


Dr. Kimberly Dennis, MD, Medical Director, CEO and Co-founder at SunCloud Health tells us why SunCloud Health is opening up a residential treatment center.

Destination treatment trappings. Why is treatment more effective close to home?

Destination treatment centers are in large part very similar to destination weddings. They are often located in very desirable areas and offer many attractive amenities that are not necessarily connected to therapy or the treatment process. If you have ever received care at one of these centers and felt appreciably better by discharge only to return home and find yourself struggling with the same old issues, you are not alone. For many, this experience is similar to returning to Chicago in the middle of Winter from a fabulous vacation with family. Reality comes crashing down even as you are still taxing on the runway. The phone explodes with hundreds of emails that suddenly require immediate attention.

Often people are lured to destination centers simply by the thought of getting away from home and perhaps even using insurance benefits to take a type of vacation.  Certain programs capitalize on this temptation.  Regrettably, what is missed in many of these critical decisions is that home, with all its stress and pressures, is still going to be there when treatment is concluded. The truth is, care that is close to home is often the best way to ensure a long-term recovery trajectory. 

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