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SunCloud Health offers integrative, intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization for adolescents and adults of all genders – “Supporting your desire to live free from self-destructive behavior as you embark on a life long journey of recovery”.

PHP / Day Treatment Program

PHP / Day program offered 5 days a week for dual-diagnosis treatment.


PHP / Day program is currently offered 5 days a week for dual-diagnosis treatment.  Treating substance use disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders and related trauma in an integrated way.  Monday through Friday 9:30 am- 4:30 pm.

Please contact us to determine if our program would be a good fit for you.  Call or email.  

Partial Hospitalization or Day Treatment Program provides stabilization for patients with more severe symptoms yet who fall below the threshold of requiring inpatient 24-hour support.  While our PHP program offers some of the intensity and structure of a residential treatment during daytime hours, we provide additional opportunities to practice recovery outside of the controlled treatment environment during evenings at home or in peer supported apartment communities.   Our PHP operates 5 days per week, 7 hours per day, Monday through Friday.  Because every patient is unique, the recommended length of stay in PHP depends on each person’s clinical circumstances.

This bio-psycho-social-spiritual treatment program uses evidenced based-treatment including dialectic behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness practices, and twelve step facilitation to help patients develop coping skills. Our integrative program is designed to coordinate treatment across disorders in order to eliminate the need for patients having to choose which of their disorders deserves priority in terms of treatment. The disruption this type of “tracked” approach creates for the patient in their recovery, is eliminated by our cohesive approach which puts the patient at the center of their treatment.

Goals of the program are to assist patients in:

  • Effectively managing stress and overwhelming emotions using emotion and distress management skills, interpersonal effectiveness skills, and mindfulness skills.
  • Medication management and medication assisted treatment
  • Developing effective patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.
  • Resolving problems through building reliable systems of support and identifying/building upon their strengths
  • Providing education that will give knowledge and skills to patients and families to cope with current and future stressors.
  • Educating patients and families about mental illness, eating disorders and substance use disorders to engage them in treatment and recovery activities.
  • Employing a chronic illness management model to support patients in maintaining long term wellness.
  • Support people stepping down from Residential Treatment as they embark on what is often a challenging transition.

Your Care Team:

  • Your Care Team:
    • Board certified psychiatrists, Kim Dennis, MD and Chris Stewart, MD
    • Individual and Group Therapist, Social Worker and Case Manager, Shale Marks LSW, CADC
    • Individual and Group Therapist, Social Worker and Case Manager, Hannah Carra, LSW
    • Group Therapist, Social Worker and Case Manager,  Gail Alexander, LSW
    • Psychologists, Dr. Marcia Nickow, PSY.D, CADC, CGP
    • Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner,  Dr. Jennifer Osborne
    • Individual and Group Therapist and Case Manager, Hannah Bailey, LPC, R-DMT, RYT-200.  Dance, Expression, Art, Body work.
    • Certified Addiction Counselors, Shale Marks, LSW, CADC
    • Registered Dietitian, Krista DeCeault, RD

Sober (overnight) Living While In Treatment:

Contact us for more information on several options we have for patients who may want or need an overnight component to their treatment at SCH.  If you don’t live in the area, or if you simply need to be away from home while in our PHP, we can refer you to several sober living homes in the area such as A Fresh Start to provide a sober and accountable living environment for our patients. Further, there are several local hotels very close by with whom we can have discounted agreements in place for our patients.  Depending on the level of care needed, we will work with you to determine what makes sense for you.  Having an overnight component to our program enables us to work with patients from all over the country and not just from Chicago.

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PHP is often for patients stepping down from residential who still need intense structure and therapy during the day yet who are well enough to go home or spend the night at a sober living home.  We will work with your care coordinator in residential to determine if our PHP is a good fit for you.