At SunCloud Health we understand the importance of all of the social determinants of health in improving people’s long term health outcomes.

Now more than ever, employment and financial security for the people we serve is so incredibly important. Beginning August 2020 we will be providing access to Individual Placement and Support (IPS) services for current and past patients.

We know that meaningful work improves health outcomes and that’s why we are thrilled to be offering IPS as we seek to help make an impact in this regard. 


Social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age that shape health (from Kaiser Family Foundation).
• Social determinants of health include factors like socioeconomic status, education, neighborhood and physical environment, employment, and social support networks, as well as access to health care. Addressing social determinants of health is important for improving health and reducing longstanding disparities in health and health care.
Addressing social determinants of health is important for improving health and reducing health disparities.Though health care is essential to health, it is a relatively weak health determinant. Research shows that health outcomes are driven by an array of factors, including underlying genetics, health behaviors, social and environmental factors, and health care. While there is currently no consensus in the research on the magnitude of the relative contributions of each of these factors to health, studies suggest that health behaviors, such as smoking, diet, and exercise, and social and economic factors are the primary drivers of health outcomes, and social and economic factors can shape individuals’ health behaviors. For example, children born to parents who have not completed high school are more likely to live in an environment that poses barriers to health such as lack of safety, exposed garbage, and substandard housing. They also are less likely to have access to sidewalks, parks or playgrounds, recreation centers, or a library. Further, evidence shows that stress negatively affects health across the lifespan and that environmental factors may have multi-generational impacts. Addressing social determinants of health is not only important for improving overall health, but also for reducing health disparities that are often rooted in social and economic disadvantages. (KFF)

Social Determinants of Health


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Many aspects of contemporary life are optional; however, treatment for a substance addiction or a mood or eating disorder is not one of them. To regain health and achieve recovery, specialized care is required.  

That’s why at SunCloud Health, we offer individual, group and family therapy at both the intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization levels. We consistently provide comprehensive, integrated care that render the best health outcomes.

Of late, we have grown increasingly aware that our patients must have meaningful employment and financial security to facilitate sustainable recovery. It is well known that employment inspires heightened self-worth, purpose, dignity and personal value.  It gives men and women alike a reason to get out of bed every morning—they feel part of a community.  They have responsibilities, and importantly, they are paid for their efforts. Conversely, unemployment often translates into diminished self-esteem as well as an increase in substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. Empty days stretching out endlessly in tandem with economic uncertainty can prove the perfect storm for relapse.


Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is a model of supported employment for people with mental illness and addiction. IPS supported employment helps people living with behavioral health conditions work at regular jobs of their choosing. Although variations of supported employment exist, IPS refers to the evidence-based practice of supported employment. Mainstream education and technical training are included as ways to advance career paths. (from IPS)

Why Focus On Employment?
• Viewed by many as an essential part of recovery
• Most consumers want to work
• A typical role for adults in our society
• Cost-effective alternative to day treatment

Effects of Unemployment
• Increased substance abuse
• Increased psychiatric disorders
• Reduced self-esteem
• Alienation

Benefits of Employment
• Increased income
• Improved self-esteem
• Increased social and quality of life
• Better control of symptoms
• Reduced substance use
• Reduced hospitalization


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SunCloud will offer patients access to the services of Individual Placement and Support (IPS). This is a model of supported employment for those dealing with mental or addiction issues. It helps people work at regular jobs of their choosing. Mainstream education and technical training are included in order to advance career paths.

A qualified IPS leader will work alongside our clinical staff to help current and former patients find healthy work opportunities. Although the process of locating the right job is not always easy, we believe this will become an important component of our dedicated care.

If you believe you might benefit from this service, please contact us today.