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SunCloud Health offers integrative, intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization for adolescents and adults of all genders – “Supporting your desire to live free from self-destructive behavior as you embark on a life long journey of recovery”.

Family members and loved ones

For family members and loved ones, we are here for you.

If you are a family member or a loved one of someone struggling right now, first of all please know you are not alone and we know what you are going through.  You are probably scared, unsure of what to do or even what you can do as the concerned friend or family member.  Many of our patients end up in treatment because someone in their life saw things that just didn’t seem right, or had questions about certain behaviors that didn’t make sense or just had concerns and reached out for help because they care.

Kim Cimino, LMFT, discusses the benefits of attending (free) our group session for family and loved ones on Wednesday evenings

When we are sick with diseases such as addiction, eating disorders or depression and anxiety we often are not in a strong enough position to know when we need help, and even more importantly to then take the action to reach out for that help.   Our patients tell us all the time that they rely on loved ones and family members to help them in these instances, even if they don’t or didn’t know it or appreciate it at the time.

When a loved one or family member calls us, we are happy to spend as much time on the phone discussing what is going on, what the concerns are and what the options might be to help their loved one find the right treatment path.  We know there are lots of options out there and we know there is very little verifiable information about those options from which to make decisions on where to go and why.  We can talk you through this.  Unlike many, we will lead you in the right direction even if it means treatment here is not appropriate.

What role do genetics play in how you approach treating patients?

Dr. Kim Dennis, Co-Founder and Medical Director at SunCloud Health, discusses the role of genetics in SunCloud’s treatment model and how they can help patients and their families overcome stigmas toward mental health and addiction treatment.

A message on addiction for families and loved ones from Dr. Kim Dennis.

Addiction is a family disease. The whole family is affected by the disease, different members exhibit different symptoms. Families can be a very important influence when it comes to helping a member(s) struggling with active addiction to recover. Any family member can engage in his or her our recovery process and thereby impact the whole family system.  The disease of addiction impacts relationships. Codependency and addiction is common in families affected by trauma; often times these patterns are intergenerational and therefore hard for the people affected to identify. It’s all they know.  When families unknowingly have a system of dysfunction, it is easy to point at the member with addiction involving alcohol, drugs, food or suicidal behaviors as the source of dysfunction. When the negative dynamics of families impacted by disease are changed, recovery from addiction is more likely to occur, and the chances of other family members healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually increases significantly.

Most treatment programs realize the value of including family and loves ones in a patient’s treatment.  Not surprisingly, we are one of them.  When family members and loved ones are involved in our patient’s treatment, our job is made so much easier! On average our success rate is significantly higher with better outcomes and more sustainable long term recovery.

Once a patient enters treatment we generally try and involve family members and loved ones in treatment at least once weekly. This doesn’t always happen and it rarely happens right away.  However, under the right circumstances it usually happens at some point- and the sooner the better, in general.  We will ask our patients to sign a release of information form which allows us to share specific information with you. 

We also offer a support group for FAMILIES ONLY on Wednesday evenings from 5-6 pm.   Even if your loved one has chosen for the time being not to directly involve you in treatment, you are welcome to attend this FREE group. 

This is for you, as we know as well as anyone that these diseases effect the entire family system and you need support of your own.  This group is led by one of our therapists and there are families and loves ones with patients at all different stages of recovery.

Your loved one is fortunate to have you interested in their well being, even if they might not know it today. 

Please feel free to contact us if you feel we might be able to help.

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