From the Eyes of Babes…A Fresh Perspective

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I had the opportunity to bring my step-kids with me to work on Dec. 26th. They spent the day watching movies, playing games and such on their I-things in my office. They got to hear the 2 code greens called over the intercom on Willow that day, and have now identified Willow as the problem lodge. Occasionally after work they will ask me how Willow is doing.

They were also perceptive enough to notice an ambulance coming to one of the lodges. “Kimber, why is there an ambulance here?”

“Well, someone needs to go to the hospital.”

“Why are you so calm about it?”

“Well, it happens every now and again.”

“For what?”

“Various things, medical problems, to stay safe, etc.”

“Oh. Ok.”

Later, one of my patients who was leaving that day from our PHP stopped by my office to say goodbye, and she introduced herself to them. Both they and she enjoyed that very much.

As we drove off campus later in the afternoon, they noticed two PHP residents smoking outside of the sober living condos and waving goodbye to us—one of whom was the woman leaving that day.

My step son asked with shock, “Kimber, why are they leaving if they are still smoking? Don’t they need to stay until they get better???”

It made me take a step back and consider what we get used to.

Recovery is a process, and many people let go of the things that are killing them in the order of most actively/quickly killing to least.

Can you imagine if nicotine addiction was covered under medical necessity guidelines? If people were treated until they were that well in a controlled setting?

I hope someday the women we treat see themselves and what they are willing to put up with in the way of self destruction like my step-kids do.

I hope that for all of us.

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