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You can overcome your addiction to sugar

Expert help and what you need to know

Are you suffering from an addiction to sugar?

Sugar addictions are commonly mistaken as a sugar-cravings or a sweet tooth, but sugar can be very addictive.

In the US, our diets and foods are packed with sugar, its everywhere and in many foods, that makes it extremely difficult for those who crave sugar.


One of the unique instances that SCH holds is our understanding that sugar, for some individuals, can be an addictive substance. Individuals suffering from eating disorders present to treatment with complex histories in their relationships to food, weight, body image, and exercise.

Teasing out what thoughts constitute the eating disorder and what is the person is a critical process that occurs with each individual and the treatment team.

When a treatment program responds to a presentation of the person reporting a history of bingeing on foods with a high concentration of sugar with “that’s you’re eating disorder, you just need to learn to eat these foods in moderation,” there is a disservice taking place.

Though this approach will be effective for some, and even necessary, for many it presents an approach that overtime is not sustainable and actually may sabotage recovery.

It is this knowledge of addiction, our ability to listen, and our expertise that enables us to recognize the addiction process to sugar for certain individuals, that places SCH as one of the forerunners in eating disorder treatment.


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Treatment at SCH is really different.  I have been to several so I know… Most treatment centers are focused on normalizing eating behaviors, weight restoration (or loss) and that is pretty much it.  At SunCloud  this stuff all matters but treatment is much deeper and so much more!  I have been encouraged to look at what drive me to the disordered eating behaviors in the first place.  I have looked at early childhood trauma, I have looked at dysfunctional and unhealthy relationships in my family, I have learned skills to help me respond differently to my thoughts and feelings and most importantly I have learned that I am not alone in my journey.  Dr. Kim and her team genuinely care.  This place is special.  Thank you TK for suggesting I seek treatment at SunCloud!!!!

~ SCH patient