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Roseann Rook, Program Manager, SunCloud Health

Roseann Rook, CADC

Certified Addictions Counselor

Roseann is a welcomed addition to the SunCloud Health team and will serve as the Program Manager at our Lincoln Park, Chicago location.

Previously Roseann served as a Clinical Addictions Specialist, responsible for conducting psycho-educational and process groups as well as providing individual counseling for addiction treatment including co-occurring disorders such as Eating Disorders and Mood Disorders at Timberline Knolls.

She specializes in Process Addictions with a strong focus on Relationship Addictions and has been instrumental in the development of Addiction Programs and the implementation of addressing Process Addictions.

She has presented locally and at National conferences.

Roseann has worked in the addictions field for 23 years starting at Aunt Martha’s Youth Service as an addiction counselor moved on to counsel MISA clients at Grand Prairie Services followed by working for the YMCA Network for Counseling and Youth Development as an Addictions Counselor and Crisis worker. She returned to Grand Prairie Services for a brief stint to develop and implement an out-patient program.


Roseann Rook, CADC, Certified Addictions Counselor at SunCloud Health, discusses why treating co-occurring illnesses is the best approach for a full recovery.